U.S. News – Best Lawyers award

U.S. News – Best Lawyers has awarded Winne Banta Basralian & Kahn the highest ranking, Tier 1, in the Metropolitan New Jersey area for its Commercial Litigation and Real Estate practices and recognized the firm as well for its Real Estate Litigation and Labor & Employment Litigation practices.


Bergen County’s Top Lawyers 2020

Winne Banta Basralian & Kahn, P.C. is proud that 21 of its attorneys have been designated as “Bergen County’s Top Lawyers 2020,” spanning 14 areas of law, including:

Appellate Practice – Gary Redish

Banking – Joseph Basralian, Thomas Cangialosi, Richard Kahn

Business, Corporate & Commercial – Robert Kleeblatt, Gary Redish

Chancery Practice – Kenneth Lehn

Commercial Litigation – Michael Cohen, Kenneth Lehn, R.N. Tendai Richards

Education – Robert Jacobs

Environmental – Michael Stingone

Labor & Employment – Kenneth Lehn

Matrimonial & Family – Ronald Abramson, Dennis Harraka

Municipal – Frank Scangarella

Real Estate – Joseph Basralian, Richard Kahn, Ian Kleeblatt, Robert Kleeblatt, Bruce Rosenberg, Richard Wolloch

Taxation – Doris Brandstatter, Arthur Goldberg

Trusts & Estates, Wills & Probate – Peter Bakarich, Doris Brandstatter, Martin Dever

Zoning, Planning & Land Use – Joseph Basralian, Bruce Rosenberg, Michael Stingone, Marla Wolfe Taus

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Winne Banta scores Appellate Division victory on behalf of local sewerage authority

Winne Banta attorneys R. N. Tendai Richards and Michael J. Cohen scored a victory in the New Jersey Appellate Division after the court affirmed a trial court ruling on behalf of the firm’s client, the North Hudson Sewerage Authority, against a developer.  The developer, which demolished an existing structure on the Weehawken pier, and constructed a new 236-unit residential building in its place, challenged the sewerage authority’s assessment of a $1.15 million sewer connection fee.  According to the developer, the Sewerage Authority was not authorized to assess a connection fee because the demolition of the existing structure and construction of a new building constituted only a change in use or an increase in sewerage flows, neither of which warranted such a charge.  The Appellate Division disagreed, and recognized the firm’s argument on behalf of the sewerage authority that a sewer connection fee has two components: the cost of the physical connection and an amount representing a fair payment by the connector toward the cost of the system.  Moreover, the Appellate Division agreed that the developer’s rationale would lead to absurd results, and would allow developers to game the system, while simultaneously depriving sewer authorities of the capital necessary to operate their systems. This is because, under the developer’s logic, once a property is connected to a sewerage system, the sewerage authority can never again assess a connection fee, regardless of further development on the site. Thus, a developer that acquires an old shanty located on valuable waterfront property, so long as the shanty was once connected to the sewer system, could never be charged a connection fee by the sewerage authority, regardless of what the developer ultimately builds in its place. This would place other users of the authority’s system in the position of subsidizing the developer, rather than the developer paying its proportionate share of the system’s cost.

Winne, Banta, Basralian, & Kahn, P.C. is proud that five of our attorneys — Joseph Basralian, Richard Kahn, Kenneth Lehn, Gary Redish and Bruce Rosenberg — have been included in the 2021 edition of The Best Lawyers in America, and Matthew Mills was selected as one of their “Ones to Watch.”

  Joseph Basralian (Real Estate Law)

Richard Kahn (Real Estate Law)

Kenneth Lehn (Commercial Litigation, Litigation – Labor and Employment, Litigation – Real Estate)

Gary Redish (Commercial Litigation)

Bruce Rosenberg (Land Use and Zoning Law)

  Matthew Mills (Tax Law)

Winne Banta’s Joseph Basralian & Bruce Rosenberg Obtain Site Plan Approval

Winne Banta’s Joseph Basralian and Bruce Rosenberg have done it once again.  They obtained yet another site plan approval and this time by virtual meeting with the City of Hackensack Planning Board.  This approval involves an assemblage of 8 separate parcels of land and development of 270 residential units plus 10,000 square feet of retail space on Main Street.  Since the Hackensack redevelopment area was established, Winne Banta has secured approvals for over 1,300 residential units plus retail space and has at least 1,000 more residential units in the approval and planning stages.


Planning Board Approval

Winne Banta’s Bruce Rosenberg  has successfully secured site plan and sign variance approval before the planning board of Park Ridge for a new LIDL grocery using a fully web-based virtual public meeting .

COVID-19 Winne Banta is Ready to Assist You Navigate These Uncertain Times

We understand the pandemic’s disruption to the lives and businesses of our clients has been substantial and the social isolation and uncertainty of its duration has led to a historic level of anxiety. In response, we have been closely following the action of both our national and state governments and assembled a team of seasoned attorneys who are actively advising clients to navigate this unprecedented event.

Winne Banta has served our clients since 1922 through peaceful and tumultuous times alike and attributes its success and longevity to its steadfast commitment to placing our clients’ interests above all. Throughout the years we have guided our clients through complex state and federal programs by providing effective counsel for their needs.

By monitoring applicable legislation and its impacts on our client’s personal and business lives since the outset of the pandemic, we have been able to advise clients as to strategies to maintain continued operations. We have been monitoring H.R. 748 (the CARES Act) since its introduction to congress and passage on March 27, 2020, and are reaching out to clients to ensure they are informed and prepared to secure the assistance necessary to aid in their recovery.

You should be aware that applications for financial relief under the CARES Act, specifically the Paycheck Protection Program and Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program, are now being accepted and we know there is already a high demand for funding. We encourage you to discuss your eligibility with a member of our team and move quickly to apply for assistance to support your business during this very difficult time.

Whatever questions you may have regarding COVID-19, the CARES Act or any other matter that you may believe impacts you or your business, please call Frank Scangarella at (201) 562-1002 to discuss. As always, we are here to serve you.

Be healthy and be safe.

Winne Banta Basralian & Kahn, P.C.

Bergen County’s Top Lawyers 2019

We are proud that 21 Winne Banta attorneys were listed in Bergen Magazine’s “Bergen County’s To Lawyers 2019” in 13 areas of the law, including:
– Appellate Law – Gary Redish
– Aviation – Carolyn Geraci Frome
– Banking & Financial – Joseph Basralian, Thomas Cangialosi, Richard Kahn
– Business Law – Robert Kleeblatt, Gary Redish
– Commercial Litigation – Michael Cohen
– Education – Robert Jacobs
– Family Law – Ronald Abramson, Dennis Harraka, Thomas McConnell
– Government/Administrative – Stanley Turitz
– Labor & Employment – Kenneth Lehn
– Land Use/Environmental – Bruce Rosenberg, Michael Stingone
– Real Estate – Joseph Basralian, Richard Kahn, Ian Kleeblatt, Robert Kleeblatt, Michael Stingone, Richard Wolloch
– Tax Law – Arthur Goldberg
– Wills, Trusts & Estates – Peter Bakarich, Martin Dever, Jeffrey Love

430 Main Street Site Plan Application

Joseph Basralian represented 18 Hackensack LLC in connection with its site plan application for 430 Main Street, which was approved by the City of Hackensack Planning Board.  The existing building was demolished, and will be replaced by a six-story, mixed-use building that will include ground floor retail space and 40 residential units, with workshare space for tenants and on-site parking.  He also represented Brickyard Urban Renewal, LLC in its site plan for 18 East Camden Street, approved by the City of Hackensack Planning Board.  The project is a five-story, 254-unit apartment building with a multi-story parking garage and on-site amenities including a swimming pool and exercise room.